I like to give my heartfelt gratitude to all the teachers at Little Castle for dedicating so much joy and learning experience for my son. He has been enjoying all the lessons and will keep on looking forward to going to school.

This is the third school he had and changed and fortunately this time, we made the right choice!

I can see a lot of improvements in Coleman …and would strongly recommend this to any parents who are looking for the “RIGHT” education centre.

Kelly Lin Mum of Coleman Ng

age 3, 2014

Little Castle has been wonderful for Kaitlynn’s physical growth and intellectual stimulation. The caring and passionate teachers have infused her with confidence and enhanced sociability…

…The clean and comfortable surroundings also leaves me with a peace of mind that my daughter is in good hands within a safe environment,

Little Castle’s programmes and dedicated teachers have my everlasting gratitude for their positive influence in Kaitlynn’s development.

Mum of Sarah Kaitlynn

age 3, 2014

I would like to express my gratitude to all the staffs in Little Castle for helping me in grooming and caring for Nadia…who is timid and can be intimidated very easily.

I withdrew Nadia out of Little Castle and placed her in a childcare that I had registered for long ago but it was a bad decision, as just 4 days in that school I was in panic mode. My girl changed and hated going to school, she was scared of teachers and became wary of strangers. This is something that utterly broke my heart. This decision made me realise that good teachers are hard to come by.

Luckily for Nadia, she was welcome back in Little Castle and within 2 weeks my girl went back to her cheerful self.

…Little Castle understands parents and they are sincere. I trust them in looking after my child.

Mum of Nadia Lee

age 4, 2014

Mikaela has been looking forward to school everyday ever since I enrolled her to Little Castle. She has learnt a lot from her teachers and peers…without the patient guidance and love from her teachers, Mikaela would not have enjoyed the precious moments toddlerhood.

Thank you Little Castle for bringing out the best in her.

Mum of Mikaela Keng

age 3, 2014

Little Castle’s teachers are friendly and patient to the kids. Their lessons and fun and interesting. The classroom is clean and tidy. We feel very safe to put our son there.

Dad of Gan Shi Xiang

age 2, 2014

Aston is a very shy and timid boy whom is more clingy than other kids. While in Little Castle I get to witness all the love, patience and time spend on him by his teachers. Everyone is patient and caring and truly enjoys their time with each little ones.

It has a cozy environment and has frequent addition of new toys and educational materials .

A great place to kick start your little one’s future and also a very positive environment to introduce and encourage schooling.

Mum of Aston Chen Yu Jie

age 2, 2014

Warm, welcoming, caring, positive and fun. The teachers are very knowledgeable. Elyse enjoys class and learns a lot.

Mum of Elyse Lim

age 2, 2013

We are always welcome with warm and lovely staffs. I’m pleased and impressed with the different activities that the school provides. My kid is having a great time and is learning a lot in school. Please keep up the good work!

Mum of Kristen Liu

age 2, 2013

A conducive place to learn, through fun and interesting songs and play…Different holiday celebrations in school where different cultures and festivals are introduced. The teachers are caring and attentive….Every end of the week, he will happily bring back the crafts and works done to show me… Lucas enjoys going to school.

Mum of Lucas Chua Kah Hong

age 2, 2013